Becoming a social butterfly

So now I’m ‘out there’ what’s next?

I am not a naturally social individual, I am the person that is happy to hide behind the scenes.

Personality wise I would say I tend to have a sarcastic nature with a hint of cynicism.  Knowing these traits of mine how was I going to tackle being social in a virtual world when I can just about manage it in the real world?

I’ve read various articles on how to start your social campaigns, mistakes to avoid. The best way to become social is to at least attempt to be social.

As I’ve worked on the social media pages I have discovered you can be as anonymous or as public as you like. Begrudgingly you will see a photograph of myself on Pinterest and my LinkedIn page. In the case of Pinterest the idea was to make it more ‘personable’. Whereas on the company Facebook, Twitter and Springpad pages I get to happily hide behind the JobServe logo.

JobServe’s media pages are set up but I needed to let the online world know of their existence. I delved into the world of statistics and found the type of people using JobServe’s different social media platform varied. LinkedIn attracts the business  professionals. Twitter focuses more on quick bursts of information attracting a mixed audience from recruiters to universities. Facebook attracts mostly Graduates and those in the 20-30 age group.

With this information I then had to decide what type of content would work best on which site.

Finding content takes time and patience as there is an abundance of information out there to share. The key is to find something that is interesting and relevant to your audience.

It’s seems content alone will not get you noticed, I had to ‘follow’ other people and companies.  ‘Like’ comments and updates. ‘Join’ groups. Its only polite that I take the time to do these things so others will do the same in return.

When researching ways to increase follower numbers I discovered people would ‘pimp’ their likes, ‘You like my Facebook page and I’ll like yours’, even if they were not interested in the topic. Is this right attitude to have?

In a nutshell, no. Those that like the way JobServe’s social pages are run and the content they provides will always ‘Follow’, ‘Like’ and ‘Join’  our pages and the ‘dead wood’ who were only there for us to return the favour will eventually leave so we are left with a loyal steady following.

What I’ve been doing to introduce JobServe and to some extent myself to the online social world appears to be working but now I think it’s time to take things to the next level and have begun writing JobServe’s own content in addition to promoting other writers work.

I don’t think social media has made me any more social but I have a much better understanding and appreciation of how much effort it takes to maintain a businesses social media presence.


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