Blogging Newbie

Hello Fellow Blogger’s!

In the world of technology and social media this is my first personal blog!

‘I am bored’. Who would have thought saying these three seemingly harmless words to a manager would have started me on my journey into the world of Social Media. Words to the wise think before uttering these three words at work especially to someone in a senior position.

I had knowledge of Facebook, LinkedIn but rarely used them for anything other than socialising purposes, when I bothered to update my pages. Twitter, I didn’t even have an account for! So from a business perspective needless to say I was clueless.

The internet, useful as it is contains a plethora of information on how to promote your business, the do’s and don’ts on how to make your company’s social media campaign a success and frankly all a bit overwhelming.

8 Months on and the fog is starting to clear as I get to grips with managing my company’s social pages,, check it out.

There are more fun and games yet to come as new networking tools emerge and figuring out which ones are going to work for JobServe and which ones won’t.

I hope to share with you my experiences as I continue to learn how to increase and improve JobServe’s social media presence.


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