Measuring up.

I’ve read the articles followed the tips and created various social media campaigns for JobServe.

The next step was to find out how well each campaign was doing.

Trawling the internet I discovered there were a number of free tools out there to measure the success of each social campaign.

I’ve listed a few of the tools I’ve used and have found quite useful when discovering who the target audience is and the type of information to place on which social network.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a section dedicated to measuring traffic from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

This is a useful tool to measure which days generate more traffic than others as well as being able to compare current and past data.

Facebook Insights

This tool can be found directly from your Facebook page.

Insights will provide you with an overall breakdown of your visitors by ‘Total Likes’, ‘Friends of Fans’, People Talking About This’ and ‘Weekly Total Reach’. From this same page you can view how well each posting had done, which article.

You can further breakdown your traffic information by country/city, age group, and referrals from other websites.


I found there are quite a few different websites that will measure the success of your Twitter. Here are a few of them.

TweetStats pulls all your statistics into handy graphs breaking the data down by year, day and time. This website also provides you with information as to which of your followers have replied / re-tweeted your tweets and visa versa.

TweetLevel is a good tool for measuring your Twitter page by Influence, Popularity, Engagement and Trust. Whether your scores are high or low, this site will give advice on how to improve your numbers.


If you don’t know about Pinterest, then where have you been?

The fastest growing online Pin Board has come up with Pinerly to measure the success of individual ‘Pins’, for which you set up ‘Campaigns’

Your campaigns will be listed in the Pinalytics section of your account and will report the number of Clicks, Likes, Repins and Reach of that particular pin.

To be able to use this tool like with Pinterest you will have to request access and wait till the powers that be grant you this access.


Ever been asked, ‘What is your Klout score?’

This website measure and scores your overall social media presence. Your score is generally measured by your level of interaction on the social pages you will have linked to your Klout account.

Klout is not the only one of its kind out there and personally I would not take your Klout score too seriously. For one your Klout score is generated using the data from your personal social media pages and not saw your business Facebook page. This irks a number business Facebook users as their Klout score omits a large amount of traffic and user interaction.

Not a fan of these measuring tools? Then check out some of the websites listed in this article.


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