Have you been Sprung?

Social Media is a fast paced environment with new was ways of connecting with like minded people constantly emerging.

A recent networking tool to join the social media ranks is Springpad.  The difference between Springpad and its competitors is it focuses on building networks based around interests, lists or tasks.

How to describe Springpad? In the words of www.gigaom.comEvernote & Pinterest had a baby: Enter the new Springpad.’

To begin with a bit of background information is required.

Evernoteis a suite of software and services designed for note taking and archiving’.  An electronic notepad to store all noteworthy web pages, photographs etc in one place.

Pinterest is an image driven networking tool. Mostly enjoyed by females, however businesses have begun to notice the advertising potential of Pinterest.

Springpad has taken the key features from both its ‘parents’ making the site image driven with the ability to easily capture & store information with the use of the ‘Springit’ tool. No more copying and pasting url’s to capture an image, spring the page, select the appropriate image and notebook for the image and link to be saved in.

This brings us onto Notebooks.  The name given to the different online folders you can create to organize your sprung pages. Springpad goes one step further enabling its users to share entire Notebooks and not just individual ‘sprung bookmarked’ content.

This new networking platform is still in its infancy, from a business perspective you may not see much traffic to begin with. Perseverance is the key, gradually you will build up a steady loyal following.

Still a bit confused, check out JobServe’s Springpad page to help get you started.

JobServe’s Springpad page has been divided up into several Notebooks to easily help you find your next job from tips and advice to key feature jobs. Each bookmarked page has key words attached, known as ‘Tags’ making it easier for you to search a notebook for specific information. From a bookmarked page you can click on the attached link enabling you to view the job advert in full and to apply.

Not looking for a new job? Perhaps you are interested in learning a new skill, then have a look at our ‘Featured course Advertiser’ Notebook, linking you back to a variety of courses on our Learning Zone page.


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