Information Overload?

Can you ever post too much content?

This is something that has recently been brought to my attention, if so then what is the correct amount if such a number exists?

I have read various articles as to how often and when to update your social network statuses.

According to an article written by as a guideline you should post on your Facebook once every three hours. Their recommendations were based on a study conducted by EdgeRank Checker. Sound advice but does this also apply to Facebook business pages such as JobServe?

Through the wonders of Google I came across Smthree’s Blog referencing a blog written by Dan Zarrella discussing how often you should post on your Facebook business page.  The findings were based on the number of ‘likes’ for a Facebook page from which it was concluded that regular activity on your Facebook is important just don’t overdo it. What about the number of views each individual post receives? A Facebook page could have plenty of ‘likes’ but only a percentage of those people are actually reading what has been posted.

Moving onto Twitter. The general theory is similar to Facebook. The quality of the content is just as important as the quantity of posts. According to you should aim to tweet on average 1-4 times a day.

I’ve taken this advice on board and this is what I discovered.

Initially I had made the fatal mistake of posting too much, too soon and not thinking about what I was posting, resulting in a mass exodus of followers.

Posting a fraction of what I used too has benefitted JobServe’s social pages as now I am thinking more about what the audience wants and posting content that would be beneficial for them.

From my other blogs you can see JobServe has begun writing its own articles, something it had not done previously  aimed at how JobServe’s followers can use JobServe’s social media pages to aid their job search.

Every network is different and the amount of posts / tweets will vary but as long as I continue to post information to suit JobServe’s audience the more successful our pages will become.

In a nutshell there is no definite answer.

There are some key points I will keep in mind when posting,and tweeting.

1)      Is the data relevant to our particular audience?

2)      Am I bombarding our users with too much data in one hit or should I space it out?

3)      How would I feel if I were on the receiving end?


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