Job Searching has evolved!

I know I’m deviating slightly from my social media path but it’s something that I had to share with you all.

JobServe has released a new Job Search tool. As far as JobServe know no other jobs board has done what they have but if you do know of any other jobs board that has a similar job search tool then answers on a post card please.

The main page layout has stayed the same and you run your search as normal.

Your results page is where the main changes have taken place. Compared to the Classic job search your returned results now contain more information about the job.

Classic Job Search

Enhanced Job Search


Previously you would only see the job title, location, salary if stated and industry plus see a brief part of the job advert to help you decide if you want to find out more or move along to the next result in your search.

With the new changes implemented you are now able to see the entire job advert with the search results listed down the left hand side of the screen. The listed search results bar can be adjusted.

This method reduces time clicking on the job, deciding if the job is or isn’t suitable, if not then going back to your search results.  This way you have more time to focus on the important task at hand, finding your next employment opportunity.

Amending your Job search is simple enough, click on the ‘Show Job Search’ button on the right hand side (circled in image).

The job search box pops up on-screen.

Change is not a bad thing and overall response has been positive.

Give it a go and see what you think!


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