Just because it looks like a chocolate brownie doesn’t mean it tastes like a chocolate brownie!

Wanting something sweet and chocolatey I thought I would bake some brownies with my brother. It was a good family bonding exercise.

We couldn’t find our usual cook book which contained the tried, tested and successful brownie recipe. So we settled for what turned out to be a sub-standard brownie recipe. Key point to remember here is before you start cooking read the recipe properly, as it turned out mid-way through making the mixture we noticed the recipe didn’t contain any butter. How can a full fat, sugary, chocolatey treat not contain any butter? I know all you health, nutritionist nuts are thinking this is a good thing for your diet, in reality not good for anyone with normal taste buds.


The chocolate chips had sunk to the bottom and the top of the brownies had this crumbly appearance to it. The taste, well they tasted AWFUL! Even a hot drink could not wash those crumbs down, that’s if you got past the urge to discreetly spit them out.

My brother and sister tried to be polite about the disastrous attempt, something that is out of character for them. Even they couldn’t stomach the lead, dry, brick type imitation brownies. If I ever run out of poly filler, these brownies would be a good substitute. Yep, they were that bad.

The doomed brownies, are currently sitting in a Tupperware box on my mum’s kitchen counter. We’re thinking of a) throwing them away or b) Feeding them to the cats that keep using my garden as a public lavatory. Fear of the RSPCA knocking on my door and ending up on the front page of the local newspaper as the ‘black widow to cats’ is causing me to sway for option A.

I still can’t find the baking book that has the golden recipe. If I am to find a good, brownie recipe with all the fatty goodness and taste to match anywhere then it will be Pinterest.  I’ve already found a good recipe for banana cake to try out!


3 thoughts on “Just because it looks like a chocolate brownie doesn’t mean it tastes like a chocolate brownie!

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