1 Broken saucepan handle and 3 burns later….

This past weekend what was meant to have been dinner for me and a friend became dinner for 2 friends, 2 sisters, 1 brother, 1 cousin, 1 brother in law and two nephews (aged 2 and 7 months).

For someone with limited cooking abilities and is generally considered accident prone in the kitchen would have  panicked. However this number of people is considered small, my brother, his girlfriend, my parents and an uncle didn’t come.



Chicken Curry – made this enough times that it turned out nice

Tandoori style chicken – marinated overnight in some tandoori powder yoghurt and lime juice. These turned out nice as there weren’t many left by the time I got to the dining table.

Potato cakes – first time I had made these. They came out a bit ‘smushy’ but apparently tasted nice. Think next time will use some fresh parsley or coriander

Brown rice – I forgot about it and some of it got stuck to the bottom of the pan, the rest tasted fine..I think as it was all gone by the time I got to the table.

Boiled rice – Decided I hadn’t made enough brown rice hence the boiled rice.

Ready-made kebabs – these turned out awful. I can take a bit of spice but these could have fuelled a rocket!

Ready-made Chapattis – I’m not that good..yet


Toffee Cheesecake – courtesy of my friend

Ice cream

Have to say I pulled it off. Now when my mother tries to marry me off she can tell people ‘my daughter is attractive, educated, has a job and can cook’ no one needs to know who well I can cook ;-). In the Asian culture being able to cook can be considered just as important as an education. The future mother in law will want to know that her son will be well fed and won’t waste away from being given beans on toast.

I digress, back to my dinner.

Apart from the kebabs which I think I will try and make myself next time, everything else turned out nicely.

So well in fact it looks like I could be cooking again this Saturday.

I may use my mum’s kitchen, she has a dishwasher!


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