Insightful new ways to interact with our clients! Written by Rachel Reading

There is certainly no underestimating the rapidly growing use of social media as an advertising tool for recruitment, and although there is no clear analysis to prove that advertising via these methods will ever overtake Job Board advertising as the method of choice, we at JobServe do believe that there is some merit in using these avenues for the right requirement.

However, before you take a leap into the world of social media, we also believe that the right information can help you to make an informed decision and ensure that each of your requirements is getting to the correct audience.

Over the coming months, this series of short articles will serve as a guide to all things JobServe, from the usual JobServe processes and products we have to ensure your advertising performs at its very best, to all of the complimentary services we offer and the “behind the scenes” work we do!

All great candidates need a great job searching tool!

Well, with all good stories let’s start at the beginning…

All job boards are created with one goal in mind…to be able to provide candidates with a selection of job opportunities from which they are (hopefully) able to secure further employment.

We all know that without a steady stream of new and re-visiting candidates, a job board cannot deliver applications to its clients (that’s you) and therefore keeping the candidate happy is the first major hurdle to ensuring we keep ahead of the game!

With the job boards available in the market all professing to offer the same amazing candidate experience, JobServe has taken a step back to look at the searching experience and explore how this can be improved to become the most user friendly and effective in the market!

With the new JobSearch facility we are able to offer the job seeker an interface which they are already going to be familiar with (think popular email interfaces and you may be close), allowing less time to be spent clicking from one job to the next and back again, and more time spent reading and applying for jobs…every job seekers dream!

Quality of results is very important and by making it easier for a job seeker to review matching jobs and read them in full will lead to better quality applications. With the ease to review many jobs that match a search, being the first in the results is less important than writing a good job to attract candidates.

To take a look at our brand new JobSearch click here!

Advert Shelf Life

With the above point in mind, it is interesting to understand how advert ‘Shelf Life’ can affect the performance of your jobs. The majority of jobs typically receive 76% of their applications within the first 3 days after advertisement, which leads us to think that despite many job boards offering 28-day/1-month postings, recruiters might be better considering 7-day postings?

Therefore, by posting a job for 7-days, and then renewing it three times, substantially more applications may be received than posting the job once for 28-days.

The magic renewal period is 7-days, and most recruiters will find benefit from implementation of this “refresh” strategy!

Similarly, it is surprising to see how recruiters will blindly re-advertise difficult jobs for weeks on end without making changes. If a job hasn’t performed due to niche skill set/location for 1 week, the chances are that if you re-post an identical advert for a further week, it will perform the same in the second week.

Instead, make small changes to the job title, include further key skills or look at advertising further positive information about the role to attract a different audience.

In essence…“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

You can also view this article via JobServe


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