In the age of social media, I’ve never felt more antisocial.

hey, it's sam

Last week, I spent an enjoyable week catching up with friends having brunches, lunches, tea times and dinners. But I’ve noticed that a nasty habit on my part has emerged.

My phone sat on the table next to me for the duration of every meal and drinks session, within easy reach for access to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It is well-known that we are in the midst of a social media revolution. There is now a demand for information right here right now, which is dominating shifts in social behaviour.

But the problem I now realise is that communicating with people via these sites and apps is replacing communicating with them face to face. And what’s worse is that it happens when there are friends sitting right in front of me.

For example, take the dinner I had with my two good friends I went through uni with. All three…

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