Can Social Media replace Job Boards?

Today social media has a more prominent role in people’s lives there leading to the possibility of job boards being replaced. How true this is only time will tell, but if we look at the here and now it is unlikely this will ever happen. If anything as technology, job seekers and recruiters needs change so will job boards.

What is social networking?

According to the online Oxford Dictionaries the definition of a social network is….


  • 1a network of social interactions and personal relationships.
  • 2a dedicated website or other application which enables users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, etc..

Using the same website to find the definition so Social Media the website


[treated as singular or plural]

  • websites and applications used for social networking.

As the definition states the purpose of social networking sites was just that, to network and communicate with other likeminded people. Communication began with email, online chat rooms and online messaging tools. Take it another step further and we have Social Media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Social Networking to Social Media

Technology is advancing at a rate that our human brains are trying to keep up with. Hence the need to be constantly engaged. To adhere to these changes social media websites have had to evolve and diversify.

Today social media is an integral part of almost any businesses marketing strategy and has become a useful tool in the job seeking / recruiting world. 10 years ago how many people even knew about social media let alone use it?

LinkedIn was found in 2002 and launched in May 2003. The following year saw the launch of MySpace followed by Facebook. Back then MySpace was outshining Facebook, today it is more a case of MySpace who?

Social Media and Employment

The percentage of employers using social media sites in particular LinkedIn, to find suitable candidates has increased. These figures alone do not say enough, many companies will use more than one social media or use several in conjunction with each other to find future potential employees.

2011 2012









Useful tool to network with others, increase brand awareness


Increase brand awareness and interact with candidates.


Good for increasing brand exposure and interacting with those who wish to follow the company on Twitter.

Employers will choose to use social media for a number of reasons.

  • Appears cost effective
  • Increase the company’s online presence and grow their own network
  • Find candidates they would not find through other means of recruitment
  • Target a large number of people

There are countless articles floating around on the online information highway about how important it is for job seekers and job recruiters to create a social profile and to have a social footprint.

Recruiting via social media has its pros and cons.



Show ‘human emotive’ side Revealing incriminating pictures, wall posts etc.
Create online portfolio Not having a complete profile so contains vague or incomplete details
Encourages job seekers to be creative with their profiles and online CV / Resume Use it as a method to screen potential employees

Social Media and Job Boards

Job boards are companies as well and have not buried their heads in the sand hoping social media is a fad that will eventually die out.

Back in 1994 JobServe was the first Job Board to email job postings to job seekers. Since then the website has continued to evolve trying to keep one step ahead of its competitors through the use of technology, better matching and a strong job seeker experience. This includes embracing the social media world.

In terms of the big three social media sites, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our follower numbers are small, that by no means is a negative reflection on the success of our social media campaigns. Traffic numbers and user activity have improved since actively promoting our online social brand.

For the price of advertising a job posting on JobServe companies are entitled to services that the free online social media options alone cannot offer plus the fact the users of a job board are looking for a job so targeting the actual users recruiters need.

CV Products

Job Featuring Products

Banner and Marketing products

Advertisers can promote themselves or their products via banners

  • Headline Banner.
  • Keyword Banner.
  • Random Banner.

Learning Zone

Promote your learning/training courses as well as your company to job seekers who are keen to advance their career.


Job boards have chosen to use social media and the networking sites to their advantage.

JobServe are able to communicate with their users and companies and find out how their jobs seeking and advertising needs have changed and incorporating these changes into their website.

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