Jobs By Email Service – Stay ahead

Every job seeker wants to be one of the first if not the first applicant for a newly posted position. The earlier a candidate applies for a position the better.

To aid you the with your job search JobServe offers a job alert service.

Register with JobServe and you can setup a Job Alert giving you the option to have suitable jobs emailed to you on a daily or instant basis.

To get the most out of your jobs by email it is important to have a good job search.

A simple job search criteria of Admin in London will return a number of jobs that include the words Admin that are located in London. To narrow down your search and make it more clear producing more specific results you could use the search IT AND Admin located in London. This is known as Boolean search. This refers to the inclusion of words such as ‘AND’, ‘OR’ and ‘NOT’ in your search. See below the different ways to get the best out of your job search.


Emails are not the only way to receive job alerts, why not try RSS feeds.

With the introduction of social networking and the advancements in mobile technology will jobs by email become a thing of the past? The answer would be no, if anything the improvements in technology will only make it easier to retrieve and respond to emails.

Receiving jobs via text is an option that is not yet available through JobServe.

In December 2002 JobServe did launch its own text messaging job alert system.

Subscribers to the service receive a brief text message with a telephone number and an individual job identification number. When they call the number and key in the unique job ID, JobServe’s computers locate the job and read out the full job description, including salary, location and the contact name and telephone number of the advertiser.

The rest of the world were not yet ready for this innovative idea and was eventually retired.

Since then a lot has changed, technology now plays a much more significant role in people’s lives. In light of these changes JobServe is considering reinstating this service and implementing new ideas for helping to deliver you jobs in the quickest way so you can apply for your next job.


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