Cupcake nightmare

I thought I would try my hand at making chocolate cupcakes.

The cakes turned out looking edible at least. I don’t usually bother with decoration but thought I would give it a go. The recipe called for double cream but I didn’t have any so opted for icing sugar instead.

I was piping the icing and then the bag split! I wasn’t ever into Blue Peter but no doubt at some point they would have discussed making your own piping bag out of some greaseproof paper, or maybe it is baking sheet paper either way it wasn’t going to happen at 8.30 on a Wednesday night!

In my head this whole cupcake making idea was meant to be all therapeutic with rainbows, lollipops and fluffy bunnies. So far the icing experience had killed of the bunnies, washed out the rainbow and exterminated the lollies.  Things were not going well.

My icing with the piping bag wasn’t perfect to begin with. Now I managed to get the icing out of the bag and kind of smoothed smoothed it onto the cakes.

The result was they looked somewhat messy, and not attractive. I can just imagine what a home economics teacher would say, ‘Must try harder’!

Perhaps I’m being hard on myself, they were my first attempt.

My siblings were round the following day with nephews in tow. By the time I got home I had gone from a batch of 12 cakes down to 6. My biggest critic would have been my now three year old nephew. For those of you who have children or have experience of them will know kids have no hesitation in telling you if something is rubbish.

This time he didn’t just lick the icing off the cake but also ate the cake. Guess they couldn’t have been that bad after all.


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