Piping away….

I’m still persevering with the whole cupcake thing. Even to the point I have been Googling away for ideas and tips.

Who would have thought there could be so much cupcake related information out there! The basic cupcake recipe is butter, sugar, flour and eggs with some more butter and sugar on top for decorations. There are plenty of variations to this out there but so far the basic recipe is a good starting point for me.

I’ve got to the point where the cakes are edible and look reasonably decent. Next step is to decorate them.

In my last cupcake related post, I mentioned how the cake decorating did not go well. In comparison to that experience launching a rocket into space would have been much easier. Nevertheless I have tried again and these vanilla cupcakes with buttercream have turned out much nicer.

It doesn’t end there, with my new-found confidence I decided to try out the chocolate recipe again. Some would say it was too soon as only a week had passed since the first chocolate cupcake debacle. These chocolate cupcakes had become my Mount Kilimanjaro which I was determined to conquer.

Outcome: The cakes were cooked and looking good. Next came the icing. I had bought a new icing bag so no repeat of last times split icing bag mid-way through piping scenario. Ok I haven’t quite reached the top of Cupcake-manjaro but you got to admit they definitely look better than last time.

Both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes were tested and approved by members of staff at JobServe. They have been informed they are guinea pigs, I didn’t hear any cries of disagreements to being treated as test subjects so will continue to bring in future cupcake related experiments.

I want to improve my decorating techniques and decided I could do with some new piping nozzles to produce different flower effects. Whilst trawling Amazon I thought I would see what they had in the way of cupcake decorations. What can I say spray tanning is not just for the girls from TOWIE (‘the Only Way Is Essex’, by the way I am from Essex) you can spray tan your cupcakes in a variety of colours! How bizarre but an excellent effect. I also found edible glitter that isn’t actually edible?!? Apparently you don’t digest the ‘glitter’, it goes right through you, doesn’t sound all that appealing no matter how good it may look on the cake. Unless anyone can recommend any ‘glitter’ that is actually edible I think I will stay away from the stuff.

I quite like the idea of trying out piping with two coloured icing. Whilst looking in Asda I found they do a food colouring gel and it had a label saying it could cause a change in the behaviour of children!?! Got me thinking, fun as it would be to load my nephew up with cupcakes decorated with coloured icing using this gel product and then sending him home to my sister, do I really want my nephew or other people I know ingesting this product? Who knows how it could affect the behaviour of adults, I really did not want a hulk moment happening.  You know as a result of being exposed to gamma rays the calm Dr Bruce Banner turns into an enlarged green giant when he becomes angry. Ok slightly over dramatized but you never know….

I may try to make my own natural food colouring or pop into the health shop and see what they have. Right now I’m not sure using coloured food to turn my already hyperactive 3 year old nephew into a full on demon child is a good idea so will stick to loading my already hyperactive 3 year old nephew up on sugar instead. There are benefits to being the auntie 🙂


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