Facebook Likes – Where have you gone?

I’ve been working on JobServe’s Facebook brand page since October 2011. In that time our Facebook’s likes have been steadily growing – brownie points for me.

The hard work and effort that had gone into legitimately increasing JobServe’s Facebook likes seems to gone into reverse this week.

To those of you who may not know, Facebook has been removing ‘fake’ likes from brand pages.

This initiative began on Wednesday which coincides with a sudden drop in JobServe’s Facebook likes. At first I thought maybe these people had decided JobServe’s Facebook page was not for them, but then another approximately 20 likes ‘disappeared’ the following day.

Apparently ‘The move follows the social network’s admission that 8.7% of its users are not “real”, many having been set up by spammers who use them to artificially make pages appear more popular.’

How have Facebook decided what is a ‘fake’ like? Is it based on location, lack of interaction with a brand, has that particular user liked a lot of different brand pages?

JobServe’s is just a small fish in a big pond to have suffered. Texas HoldEm Poker lost 96k likes in one day, with Zynga’s Farmville losing 45k likes.

Trying to be positive about this clean up, I can see that Facebook are trying to incorporate some trust in the number of likes a brand page may have. There are those who will have purchased likes to improve the popularity of their site, the same has happened with Twitter follower numbers. Though there are many brand pages that haven’t resorted to such practices but have and will still suffer some loss of likes.

So what now?

I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing as it was working, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

In the past few weeks JobServe’s Facebook page had seen a gradual increase in likes and interaction from its followers. Hopefully any likes that may have been deleted in error will be back.






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