Facebook – Likes, Clicks & Timelines

News of Facebook reaching 1 billion users has been over slightly overshadowed by the problems surrounding the way Likes have been generated.

Recently Facebook waged a campaign against ‘Fake Likes’ targeting Facebook brand pages. This involved the removal of Likes from accounts that were considered to be fake by Facebook

This week it was reported Facebook ‘Likes’ were being given to webpages even if the user hadn’t clicked the ‘Like’ button or visited the Facebook page.

A bug found involved sending a web address to a friend using Facebook’s private messaging services, this added two more likes to that page. Commenting and sharing a Facebook post also increased said pages Likes and Share count by two, even if the reasons for sharing were to highlight negative content.

‘The system means that users who may be sharing pages to highlight negative content – such as campaigners – are inadvertently making the page appear more popular.’

You can read the full BBC News article here.

‘Facebook stressed that the added likes were anonymous, and would not appear on the user’s timeline.’

The social network is considered to be trend setter and one of the key players in the social media world. There are concerns as to how much can we trust the website. Statistics can be manipulated to show the good, but what about when security surrounding users data privacy is questioned?

There have been claims of a breach of user privacy. Users claiming their private messages from between 2007 and 2009 had appeared on their timelines. An investigation carried out by Facebook engineers found said messages to be ‘old wall posts‘. Though there are users who still claim their private messages from as recently as this year have been posted onto their timelines.

It’s not all doom and gloom for Facebook. Despite the negative attention received the social networking site has reached 1 billion users  and growing.


3 thoughts on “Facebook – Likes, Clicks & Timelines

  1. I guess the is one of e risks of living in a data drive world now isn’t it? I believe Facebook has a great future but security will have to be a key focus of they expect to continue growing. Nice post.


    • Thank you. I agree, as users we need to be aware of certain risks so we can take the necessary steps to protect our personal data online.
      Facebook is one of the most prolific social networking sites that it receives a lot of media attention when things do go wrong.


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