Healthy bug

I’ve been trying out this healthy business on and off, mostly off, for a few months. Now I’m on the other side of 30 I think I should make more of a conscious effort to take care of myself, plus staying small doesn’t happen by magic. With my height of about 5 ft putting on excess amount of weight may result in me waddling like a penguin!

Fortunately no-one in my family is hugely overweight. My mum was petite before us 5 kids came along and ruined it. To be fair in her opinion and she would know, it wasn’t us girls that were the cause of the weight gain, it was the 2 boys. After the boys my mum had difficulty shifting the baby weight.

My sister now has two boys, similar scenario but the two darling yet lovable monsters keep her active enough that the weight will drop off in no time!

When the time comes and I’m brave enough to venture down the route of kids I’ve decided I’m having girls!

For work we have a Pinterest page. Maybe it is because Christmas is coming along with the prospect of Christmas parties but there seems to be a lot more new pins about weight loss and how you can have 0% body fat (is that even possible??) and uber muscles. I don’t want that – tbh it looks a little bit scary…and I would definitely have to stop eating certain types of food!

I’ve dusted off the gym card and managed to get myself down to the gym. After about 45 minutes doing some cardio I made it out alive, or at least with enough energy to drag myself home to collapse in the privacy of my own home.

For the past few months I have been going on and off to a kickboxing class and managed to go to the class for the past two weeks. Both weeks we have done some light sparring, which hasn’t been too bad but I do get worn out, I know I will improve with practice but each week I seem to have a new bruise, it doesn’t help that  I bruise like a peach.  Guess it is one way of learning to keep my guard up, either block or move out of the way! I am going to stick with the kickboxing, I like going and I’ve passed the stage where I feel the need to throw up so I must be improving!


2 thoughts on “Healthy bug

  1. I wish there was a way I could quantify the amount of money I’ve spent on the gym (including the purchase of equipment, trainers, etc) and never actually actively pursued it. I have truly contributed to Richard Branson’s millions without so much as a bicep in return.

    Hope you keep it up


    • Lol, I can relate, i think how much money I could have saved by cancelling my gym membership. My problem with the gym is I get bored imagination to keep me entertained while slogging my guts out will only stretch so far!
      Thank you, onto week two-kickboxing I’ll stick with..gym..umm lets see how that goes.


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