Birthday Cakes

My piping abilities are improving. These cakes I made the week before and used the Wilton 1m nozzle not bad for my first time. For the actual cupcakes I tried to make chocolate brownie ones, and by mistake I put Almond flavoring in instead of the Vanilla and they turned out a little bit dry maybe I over baked them but  I did noticed from the mixture that I should have added some milk  but decided to stick with the recipe. Result was hit and miss, more miss than hit! As my friend described them they ‘Were nice in an odd way’. That was her way of saying read the label on the bottle next time. It could have been the amount of almond flavoring that went in as the almond completely overpowered the chocolate. Next time I think I will try peppermint or orange flavoring.

In addition to family and  work colleagues I also test out my cakes on my housemates. One house mates asked me to make some make some cupcakes for one of her friends who was having a birthday party for their son who was turned one this weekend gone. This was the first time I had made cakes for a complete stranger so stuck with the tried and tested vanilla cupcakes. I did want to have a go at making these frosting bows I found on the the Wilton website but ran out of time.

I had some shop bought wafer daisy decorations which looked nice on the cakes and helped to hide and misdemeanors!

I made about 20 of the vanilla cupcakes with the two toned icing. I found different tutorials for different methods of creating the two toned icing effect on YouTube but went with this technique.

A friend and I had tried it pink and white the night before. For a first attempt with the new method the icing came out nicely but the pink wasn’t as bright as what I had hoped for. The blue and white colors attempt came out even better and tasted good!

Saw my housemate briefly last last night, my cupcakes were a hit. 😀


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