Using social media to find employment

You’ve created a social profile and cleaned up your existing ones. Added a picture, included relevant keywords even created an online resume.

Now you sit back and wait for the jobs to fly in right? Wrong.

That is only the beginning; you have laid the social foundations now you have to build on them using social media as a marketing tool to sell yourself, you are the brand.

Not all social networks will be right for you, so decide which image you are going for and adapt your profile to suit its social environment. Each social network has a different ‘feel’.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site.

Facebook is relaxed, fun way to engage with people. It originally started out as a way to bring friends and family together.

Twitter is a casual environment to engage with others. Comments are made then are easily forgotten.

These are the main three networking sites, though you shouldn’t discount the likes of Pinterest and Google+.

Your resume will highlight your skills and experience but it won’t effectively display your personality and how you interact with others.

Social media encourages and an area you should concentrate on is networking and engaging with potential employers, colleagues and companies.


You can create your LinkedIn profile highlighting your education and employment experience.

Request recommendations from previous work colleagues and employers.

Join groups, engage and create discussions.

Connect with people you know and companies you are interested in. Gradually you will be able to connect with someone in the company you are interested in working for.

Instead of going through a third party many companies will use LinkedIn to post their latest vacancies.

LinkedIn enables you to include a links to your blog, Twitter, Facebook and any additional websites you may have created.

Facebook / Pinterest

LinkedIn is restricted to text whereas images are fast becoming an alternative method to display information, hence the increasing popularity of Pinterest.

Depending on the industry you are looking to break into, use Facebook and/or Pinterest to create an online portfolio & resume.

As part of their social media campaigns most companies now have their own business social media pages.  Follow the companies you are interested, engage with them, take part in polls, comment on status updates etc.

Keep your profiles updated, steadily you will build up a following where others will want to share your work. This will take time and effort, choose to neglect your social branding and you will easily be forgotten.

Jackalope Jobs

Using more than one profile to find employment? Then there are websites such as Jackalope Jobs that ‘…utilize your online social circles to lead you to gainful employment: Jackalope Jobs.

Jackalope Jobs focuses on job seekers like you, helping you gain an edge on the competition by sorting through your social networks and pinpointing valuable connections. The way the site works is simple: You log in with LinkedIn, Facebook or Plaxo, and Jackalope Jobs imports all of your contacts, credentials and connections.

Social media will not replace traditional methods of finding employment but in my opinion should be used together with the end result being you find your ideal job.


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