Are You Sabotaging Your Job Search?

Get to Work

Given continued unemployment and an unstable economic recovery, you would expect job seekers to be doing everything possible to put their best foot forward in their job searches.  In a competitive market they need to differentiate themselves from the many others seeking the same positions.

Imagine my surprise when I posted an open position in my department and began to review the mountain of applications I received.  More than half of the applicants were immediately eliminated from consideration.  They were making basic errors to sabotage their own job search efforts.

Don’t Follow Directions —If you can’t follow the directions in the hiring process, what makes an employer believe you will be able to follow directions on the job?  If it asks you to attach a resume, do it.  If it asks for references, provide them.  Demonstrate that you are prepared and capable of following directions.

Make Errors — As…

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