October 2012

I’m not really a caring sharing type of person so won’t go into too much detail of how I don’t ever ever want to go through another month like October 2012

What I will say is:

Keep those you care and love close and deal with whatever petty disagreements you may have…you think you can sort things out tomorrow but there is no tomorrow only here and now.

Self Defence: Every person of every age should know how to defend themselves. Whether you go to a self-defence class or decide to learn a form of martial arts, do it. You may not be able to stop a bullet but at least you will have the confidence to fight back and not allow some muppet to turn you into a victim.

Drugs: Just don’t do them! If you have already gone down that path then turn back and do whatever you need to do before it’s too late and you lose everyone and everything. Become the person those who care about you know you can be and not the person the drugs turn you into.

Time is not a healer of pain you just learn to cope with it and in some ways can make you a better, stronger person.

Family doesn’t start and stop with your bloodline.

I don’t care what anyone may say, in my opinion and experience so far MONEY DOES NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY! Money will provide you the material things to survive but what good is it if you’re alone?

Always stay true to yourself and what you believe in.

For me these are the key things that have come out of October 2012.

I hope November is much better….


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