Facebook – What is going on?

This year Facebook became a public company, reached 1 billion active users and upset its users. There was the forced introduction of the Timeline, the removal  of ‘fake likes’  from Facebook Fans pages followed by a bug  where ‘…users who may be sharing pages to highlight negative content – such as campaigners – are inadvertently making the page appear more popular.’  Now there are fresh complaints that Facebook is only showing posts to a select number of followers to encourage Facebook Fan page owners to increase the reach of their posts by paying for promotional posts.

Is this true, would the powers that be at Facebook stoop to this level so to guide its users down the path of paid promotional posts? According to the website techcrunch.com the answer is now.

In its article ‘‘Killing Rumors With Facts: No Facebook Didn’t Decrease Page Feed Reach to Sell More Promoted Posts’ the writer Josh Constine believes the reach of Facebook posts have always been small, the more likely reason posts have suffered a decline in views is ‘…people thought those Pages’ posts were spammy.’ It would appear Facebook have become more strict with pages that are considered to be spam by introducing a tool where users can report a page they deem to be spam or remove it from their feed. Which doesn’t sound unreasonable, no one likes to have spam clogging up their news feed.

Facebook like to use EdgeRank. This uses an algorithm that ‘… determines potentially how many people will see the post and engage with it.’

As the pages EdgeRank score increases so will the number of users viewing your post. If a fan of your page does not ever click ‘like’ or writes a comments they are less likely to see future posts which can be harmful to your EdgeRank score. Engage users by posting relevant information and questions prompting them to interact. More interaction higher EdgeRank score.

Whether Facebook are purposely decreasing the reach of posts or not the seed of doubt has been planted.

In my opinion Facebook need to start looking at ways to impress and win back support. The website is testing a new Timeline design with a select number of users. The existing Timeline currently has a marmite effect on its users, you either hate it or love it.

It would seem that even management is losing faith in the popular networking site with reports of COO Sheryl Sandberg  and accounting chief David Spillane both selling a number of their Facebook shares not so soon after selling restrictions were lifted.MySpace backed by Justin Timberlake is planning a re-launch, though no official date has been given. MySpace ‘..wants to really push music more this time around.’ But could MySpace be the competition Facebook needs to step up its game and once again become the social networking site its users fell in love with?


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