How social are we really?

It was while I was writing the blog ‘Facebook – What is going on?’ it crossed my mind that social media used to have an element of fun to it especially if you are using it solely for social purposes but even then you’re worried about how you look in your photos and what people are saying about you even if it is only a select few who will be viewing your posts. Why should we lose the ‘fun’ aspect when using social media for business?

Nowadays social media has become a marketing tool to advertise a product or company with little attention being paid to the social aspect, it seems to be slightly overrun with statistics and different tools to measure the efforts of your social media campaign.

I admit I have been guilty of this with regards to JobServe’s social media pages but decided to change my approach and give the whole be social and interact with JobServe’s followers a try. It is taking time as the followers were not used to being asked to give their opinion on a topic or vote on a poll. However with JobServe’s Facebook page the effort it paying off with new followers joining each day and people daring to comment on posts.

I have noticed though followers also do not necessarily want to interact themselves unless it is to complain or highlight a problem. JobServe’s LinkedIn group is still in its infancy stage and is taking time to encourage people to comment on posts but I am optimistic that in time the group will pick up momentum and encourage followers to share and discuss the issues they face when searching for the right job / candidate.

What do you all think?


16 thoughts on “How social are we really?

  1. I love the ability to join groups and participate on LinkedIn. The issue like you said, it a lot of marketing messages overloaded into the recent discussions. Some of the marketing automated messages wouldn’t get under my skin so bad if they were at least looking like they cared enough to try and make the message enticing. There are some really bad ones. Don’t get me wrong; I really like LinkedIn. I have been taking advantage of the great vast improvement over the past year in a proactive way. I just hate to see a cheesy marketing bio/breakthrough story six times down a group stream. I really like your post’s on LinkedIn.


  2. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for commenting and glad you liked my post. I know what you mean about the automated marketing messages, from the LinkedIn groups I want to learn something new and feel that if I have a question I can post in in one of the groups and get a response.

    I feel social media is becoming over run with the need to monitor our SEO, visitor numbers etc we’re forgetting what it means to be social as in interacting wither each other.


  3. I have the impression that social networks (especially facebook) became showcases of people’s life, like a cv, but with focus on how great they are and how much fun they had at certain events…and of course how many “friends” and likes they collected. for me facebook is only used for private messaging with people who are not reachable by other technology (email,phone etc.).


    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comments 🙂

      I agree with you, another reason why users should be careful about what information they choose to make visible to everyone. It’s one thing to use your Social Networks to create an online CV but another for a potential employer to see just how much ‘fun’ you had the night before.

      When Facebook first came out who would have thought it would advance to level it is at today. Going from something that was used to keep in contact with existing friends and make new ones but now is also used as a big brother tool to check up on people.

      Like you I mostly use Facebook to private message people.


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  5. My experience with social media is that people only want to state what is happening in their life and inviting commentary. Yet, reciprocation and actual communication is fading.


    • Agreed, I think society has developed a level of self importance where others opinions are not as significant as their own.
      Though I think it’s nice to be able to have a proper conversation once in a while, and share information.


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