Families and Cupcakes

What had been originally planned for the Saturday 10th November was for my friend to come round make cakes, have tea and gossip. What actually happened was I got my cars brake pads checked, my friend came round followed by sister with her entourage consisting of my two nephews.

For weeks now my 3 year old nephew has said he wanted to make cakes with me. So after everyone being fed pasta and he had, had his fill of using my sofa as a trampoline we made some Thomas the Tank Engine cakes. It turned into more like he added some of the ingredients to the bowl to be mixed then returned to either kicking my exercise ball against a door or to using my sofa as a trampoline.  Once cooked nephew took a break from his exercise long enough to decorate the cakes, actually eat one and not just the icing.

Then he resumed his fitness regime involving…yep my sofa. He jumped from one end to the other, jumped off it..then jumped back onto it. The baby nephew so far is in the early stage of movement but don’t think it will be long before he starts crawling then we’re all in trouble!

At first I feared for the safety of my sofa but then gave up and went to make cakes with my friend.

We decided to make lemon butterfly cakes, I mostly supervised on this occasion. The outcome – cakes good, cakes with tea even better, cakes with tea made for you-precious! 😀

After a few wrestling sessions with nephews which mostly involved them both at one point or another sitting on me or squashing me depending on how you look at it, I was carrying the baby so wrestling with him was kept to a minimum. At which point my brother and his girlfriend decided to pop round. Good thing I had plenty of cakes!

My birthday is coming up so am planning on making cakes to take into work all depending on how much time I have and how I feel. I’ve been battling a cold this week and had been hoping to get rid of the germs at work but haven’t had much luck so looks like the germs are coming home with me for the weekend..maybe I can give the germs to my housemates hmmm.


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