Healthy bug no more…until next time!

As I tucked into my Nutella on toast for breakfast I can honestly say that my healthy phase has run its course and I am back to eating food full of sugary goodness whilst vegetating in front of the TV or better still whilst in bed. 😀

I did try to be more healthy and stick with the gym and the kickboxing which I have been attending if somewhat sporadically. Family wise it has been a difficult month so far which could be a contributing factor to my lack of enthusiasm to jump up and down and sweat. Add germs, a cold that I can’t shift and baking cupcakes to the mix then really vegetating is the logical option. A cupcake and a mug of tea is the way to go. Speaking of tea, I don’t understand the need for tea cups. You get half the amount of tea and it goes cold whilst ‘brewing’ in a tea-pot! You can wrap up your tea-pot in a tea cosy but honestly why would you want to do that?  No give me a decent MUG of tea every time. I have to shamefully admit that I did nearly invest in a tea set that included the whole caboodle – a tea-pot, tea cups, saucers, a milk jug and sugar pot. Then I came to my senses and walked away. I have no need for a tea set, if you come to my house I’ll make you tea maybe once or twice then your ‘guest’ status will cease to exist and you can make your own tea, and make me one while you’re at it 😉

Even though my level of physical exercise does not seem to be increasing any time soon I have decided to cut back on the junk food and tea with two sugars. Mostly because my skin was suffering a major break out. Think back to the dot to dot pictures you used to do as a child, that is what my face was beginning to resemble! 😦 As a teenager you know there is the chance that you will have an acne break out but as you get older your hormones will settle down and your skin will clear. Well it’s all lies, as a female our hormones do not ever ‘settle’ down. for at least 7 days of the month we can be an emotional wreck and our darling hormones will continue to wreak havoc with our skin. I’m 34 now and I’m just getting over my recent spot outbreak, all I will say is thank goodness for makeup!  What I meant to say before my little diversion is that I think the red bush tea I’ve substituted normal tea for and sticking to a skin care routine does appear to be helping my skin, but I won’t be ditching the foundation just yet.

I briefly mentioned that for me and family it has been a difficult time, we unexpectedly lost a close family member. Not necessarily blood related but people who I still call auntie and uncle have been coming round to my parent’s house to pay respects. That’s all fine as it’s polite and a comfort, if you like all the aunties and uncles..but I don’t and begrudgingly will make tea for them if I have to. I’m not sure if it’s a diversionary tactic but focus of attention has on at least two occasions now been on me, with two aunties highlighting how old I am and isn’t it time I got married. Hmmm find me someone who doesn’t trigger my freak radar then I’ll think about it. Wrong answer! Two aunties whom I do like are now on the lookout for me, worst yet one auntie wants me to learn to cook more than beans on toast…help!


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