Birthday Cupcakes 2012

I called this week ‘Cake Week’. 😀

A  girl was leaving for pastures new, it had been  my birthday on the weekend and work colleague’s birthdays on the Monday, so there were plenty of treats and cake brought in.

Everything was coordinated so the treats were spaced throughout the week, towards the end of the week I felt a bit sugar loaded with my body saying ‘easy on the sugar tiger, have an apple’ – damn inner voice but back went the mini chocolate bar and out came the apple. It wasn’t full of calorific goodness, but my body needed the fruit to balance out the sugar rush and help combat the afternoon sugar slump! Plus I’m not exercising much at the moment so you can only guess where all that sugar and fat is going – ladies you know what I mean!

As mentioned I had a birthday. My birthday treats included homemade cakes.  To my mums delight I managed to make less mess in the kitchen in the kitchen this time. Icing sugar gets everywhere! Once I get my temperamental oven is sorted out my mums kitchen will be safe from me, but until then..sorry mum I’ll be hogging the kitchen for baking purposes a bit longer! 😀

I have been experimenting with different flavours  but decided to go with the tried and tested chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. All went down a treat 🙂

My sister and nephews were popping round the following day, while I was on a roll I made a few mini cupcakes and used up some of the remaining buttercream icing.  My sister can be a bit strict with the amount of cake and sugar my elder nephew eats (baby nephew only has two teeth), so these were the ideal size for him.


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