Smile, you’re on camera :-D

A few weeks ago some muppet(s) decided to scare the living daylights out of my housemate and throw a rock through my living room window. Who knows why it happened and the police, well let’s say since they came and took a statement from housemate #1 (they had to send someone round as she was at home alone and wouldn’t get off the phone till someone arrived) I haven’t heard from them.

This weekend thanks to my sister’s husband and a friend, a security camera facing the front door went up .  I am going to get one for the back of the house but hopefully this one will be a good deterrent for any future muppet wannabe’s.

The camera itself is impressive but then I am easily pleased. It took a bit of getting used to seeing the front of the house on the monitor screen, almost a little bit spooky. Like housemate #2 put it, it could be a scene out of the movie paranormal activity, then we saw a cat casually walking past and the spooky moment was lost.

Whilst the male DIY session to put the camera up was going on, at one or two points I did nearly have a heart attack as the drill got precariously close to some of the heating pipes, I made cupcakes. My sister was round with the demon nephews. Nephew #2 is in full on crawling mode and getting everywhere, I may have to child proof my house, bubble wrap it is!

I tried out two different cupcake recipes, one was a molten chocolate cupcake, the other cinnamon chocolate. The molten chocolate cupcake tasted better warm as the chocolate pieces in the centre was all melted and gooey. The cinnamon cupcake was nice but I think it needed something, maybe walnuts to break up the strong cinnamon taste, or use less cinnamon.

My sister with her entourage popped over to my parents’ house afterwards as my house was lacking in decent kiddie friendly food, apparently chocolate and cake was not suitable for dinner. Whilst at the parents I heard from our youngest sister that nephew #1 wouldn’t let nephew #2 play with a toy. Nephew #2 decided he is not taking any of this rubbish climbed over nephew #1 then what I am told appeared to put nephew #1 in a headlock and as nephew #2 tried to crawl forward it looked like he was kneeing nephew #1. Hmm think my sister is going to have to keep a close eye on her demon children.

The male DIY session continues this weekend. Time got away, so tidying up the cables is going take place this Saturday. In return I will be attempting to cook dinner. Good thing parents only live 10 minutes away just in case! 😉


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