Age Discrimination

When you hear the term ‘age discrimination’ you automatically think it refers to someone of the Baby Boomer age group. However, this can also apply to the younger generation, the Millennial.

Each group of people for one reason or another are discriminated, not only because of their age. In the case of the Baby Boomer, with age comes a vast wealth of experience which for some can be deemed a negative as the individual maybe considered over qualified for a role. The opposite occurs for the Millennial that have not been given the opportunity to gain experience.

Studies are highlighting the different group attitudes to work, yet no one can disagree that whichever work force category you fall into we all want to have a job.

Make your age work for you

Baby Boomer

  1. Don’t shy away from the amount of experience you have. Highlight how your employment experiences make you suitable for the position and would be an asset to the company.
  2. Network. Over the years you will have made several contacts. Embrace the age of technology to aid your job search and create a LinkedIn profile.
  3. Increase or improve your computer skills. The younger generation will have been brought up using technology, so if you have some difficulty using a computer take a course to bring you up to speed.
  4. Give your CV a makeover. Use your CV to emphasise the skills and experience you have. Show employment history for the past 10 years and remove Degree obtained dates and other professional training dates.
  5. Stay positive.


  1. Online social presence. Being part of the technology generation employers are more likely to Google search you and view your various social network profiles. Clean them up or increase your security settings.
  2. Not all Millennial’s know which industry they want to work in. Think about what your own strengths and weaknesses are, what it is that you enjoy doing and which job you are able to apply them to.
  3. Dress the part when going for the interview. Be clean and smart whether you are interviewing for a corporate role of a more creative role.

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