Snow is not my friend

For some snow is wonderful, fun, no school, and especially at this time of year it brings forth the image of a ‘white Christmas’.

For me the snow is not my friend, it is evil and frazzles my nerves.

As I left my house this morning, it was like a blizzard. This is the UK, we don’t do blizzards, or at least I don’t!

What normally would have been approximately a 45 minute journey to work took nearly 2 hours! For those of you thinking of  having botox, drive in the snow a few times. Your face will become taut enough from fear as your car turns into a giant snowboard of which you have no control over, knock those wrinkles right out!

Getting out of my area to join the main roads was the worst, uphill, downhill it didn’t matter, myself and other driver reverted to driving as if we had just passed our driving tests. Not going above speeds of 15 mph, it was a daring person who, wait for it, sped up to 20 mph.

The option to turn round and go home was there if I wanted to sit in standstill traffic for who knows how long. Traffic had ground to a halt due to an accident. It was quicker to continue my journey to work.

I finally made it to work, managed to reverse park my car into a parking space (brownie points for me!). Then remembered that Auto Glass were meant to be coming out to fix a chip in my windscreen, fortunately as I sat down to my desk the repair man phoned to say he was on his way.

Chip is repaired, snow has stopped. Weather reports have said there is meant to be some sun, no sign of so far and I have a cough that makes me sound like I smoke 40 a day. (I don’t smoke).

I hope the snow,  if not all of it then most of it disappears by the time I go home, then I just have to worry about icy roads.  The fun just keeps on coming 😉


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