DIY Session + Cakes part 2.

The male DIY session did happen on Saturday and carried on till about 11.30pm. My conscience did kick in as temperatures outside had fallen considerably.  Why were they outside? During the previous Sunday’s male DIY session the boys decided to ‘adjust’ the settings on my motion sensor light so it came on a bit longer. Result it worked for about 3 days after that, then nothing!

In the end the boys had to replace the motion sensor light which took a bit of time as there were a few difficulties like taking the old motion sensor light off the wall.OptionMintHotChocolate

I did make them an Options  mint hot chocolate drink (image from to help defrost them.

Trunking was need for the security camera wires so off to the hardware store B & Q we went. What is it with (some) people just picking up things and not looking at the prices? It was my money they were spending & I needed to know how much they are spending and why. Finally all necessary things were purchased and back home we went.

Nephews were up to their mischievous self. Nephew #2 has taken to crawling everywhere and tasting everything.

This was slightly my fault as I had left the cakes and crisps out in full view, my sister wanted nephew #1 to have some lunch first then dessert when he wanted it the other way around. Think his mum won that battle but then later on his dad gave him the bowl which had some crisps left.

Me being super-efficient, something that doesn’t happen often had baked the blueberry cakes beforehand so they were ready to ice. 20121201_140811[1]The recipe used sour cream icing but I didn’t have any sour cream so used buttercream which seemed to work nicely.20121201_161241[1]

The actual dinner everyone seemed to like but I wasn’t overly impressed with it. Definitely a case of ‘need more practice‘. Plus side all camera cables are pinned out of harms way and I have a hyper sensitive motion sensor light that should beam a spotlight down on any would muppet 😀


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