Christmas Jobs


It’s that time of year when the Christmas temporary jobs come out to play.

Here is a list of the typical and oddest jobs to have at this seasonal time of year.

  1. Santa – Don the red outfit and fluffy white beard to bring joy to kids everywhere
  2. Santa’s helpers – Where would Santa be without his elves to help him?
  3. Gift Wrapper – For those of you who are not top notch at wrapping gifts then let someone else do it for you
  4. Christmas Tree Farm – Sell fresh Christmas trees to the public
  5. Christmas Tree Designer – Get paid to make someone’s tree look all festive and pretty
  6. Turkey Plucker – It’s a fowl job but someone has to do it
  7. Warehouse Staff – Extra hands will be needed to keep up with the orders
  8. Delivery Staff – Extra delivery will be required to keep up with the number of items being ordered / sent
  9. Bar Staff – Busy time of year with lots of after work Christmas parties
  10. Retail work – Perhaps not as fun, but busy shops will require more staff

Have you got some more to add to JobServe’s list?

You can view this article on Jobserve.


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