Beaten & bruised in the name of exercise!


I have steadily got back into kickboxing..again and have managed to go three weeks in a row! Brownie points for me 😀

I think I am improving by sometimes the physical well, can make me a bit light-headed and completely exhausted! I try not to eat too much before the class, no one needs to see regurgitated pizza, plus I don’t think pizza was the ideal food to eat for a class but that is what was on offer so ate it.

Some weeks are better than others and I make it out of the class without fighting the urge to throw up and collapse in my car before I drive home where I can then collapse on my furniture of choice.

If I’m this drained by kickboxing then why stick with it?

I get bruised, beaten and pushed around on a weekly basis but enjoy the class.

There is not much I can do about being 5 ft, believe it or not, I can’t wear heels in the class and doubt they would do me much good anyway. I try to put on weight but whatever I manage to do my weight remains, I’m told, at a healthy level for my height.

It’s the stamina I have to build up and I think eating more power, energy boosting types food will help to a certain extent. The rest is a case of going to the classes regularly and gradually building up my energy and stamina levels.

Also the people in the class are nice, the higher belts also give advice to help you improve whilst they throw a punch / kick / both your way 😉

Speaking of bruises, the previous week’s leg bruises are healing.

This week my arms took a pummeling  not from being punched but from holding the pads for the person I was partnered with this week. I like being small but it does have its disadvantages especially when your partners front kicks can send you flying like a rag doll. I’d like to say I’m exaggerating but I’m not, there is a lot of power in the kicks which is felt when you are on the receiving end of them. Luckily my partner for this nights class tried not to go full strength on me..even then I still got battered. I’m told its conditioning for the body, hmm will only be convinced when I don’t bruise so easily and so much.

I’m thinking of attending another class run by the same instructor. It is a bit more money, slightly smaller class and on a Sunday morning. If I don’t go to one class I can make it to another, I’m only going to improve with practice and ‘conditioning’! :-s


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