In the spirit of Christmas, JobServe’s Christmas Carol.

JobServe Past

Cast your mind back to the year 1993, Bill Clinton becomes President of the United States and Sydney Australia are chosen to host the 2000 Summer Olympics. It was also this very year two IT Contractors, Robbie Cowling and John Witney decided to branch out and create the world’s first ‘jobs by email’ service to help their fellow job seekers find their ideal jobs.

The following year these two budding entrepreneurs took advantage of the emerging technological change called the internet and created the very first online job board – JobServe.

John Witney and Robbie Cowling soon parted ways leaving Robbie the CEO of the company and began to grow JobServe into a global company.

JobServe Present

JobServe has gone through many, many changes. Consistently being one step ahead of their competitors, creating new ways to match candidates with the right jobs, examples being Alchemy and creating mobile apps which have driven over 1,000,000 job applications since their launch.

The company currently also operates in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Thailand.

As the company has grown so has its ‘family’, resulting in Aspire Media Group. This group includes ComputerJobs, ComputerWork, CareerBoard, JobShark, HotLizard, Colchester United Football Club and Colchester United Events, all successful in their own right.

JobServe Future

Is the future of this job board as bleak as the fate of Tiny Tim? Has the JobServe train run out steam?

Old Scrooge dusted off his conscience and warmed his stone cold heart to change his and little Tiny Tim’s future. So to all the cynics out there the simple answer is a resounding no!

Since the day JobServe was created, together with a solid team of people the job board has evolved to where it is today. Through trial and errors, huge successes, JobServe has become the successful job board you see today.

What of 2013? Without giving anything away, through creative innovation JobServe will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of our candidates and customers.

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