End of 2012


I’m not one for being all sentimental (at least not in public!). I’m a private person, only a select few get to see the softer side of me (yes I do have one!), even then that is at a push. 😉

This year hasn’t been all bad, at least 80% of 2012 has involved some life changing events and tough decisions needed to be made.

I’ve made some new friends, lost some family members, some new family members were added in the way of nephew #2 who is now able to stand up whilst holding onto something / someone and is cutting his teeth. Nephew #1 is still a demon, but more of his personality has shone through this year along with his love of the game hungry hippos!Hunted--Hungry-Hungry-Hippo--s-4f47474d1a4ac

I’m still not settled in the way my parents would perhaps like me to be, but I feel a more settled with myself as a person and the direction I’m going in.

This year I discovered the things I actually enjoy doing (took me long enough) I may finally end up being a master of something and not just a jack of a few trades! I started this blog, got  into cupcake baking, re-started kickboxing (I seem to gain a new bruise each week) and got involved with my company’s social media ‘stuff’.

This years changes have made me think about the type of person I am and how strong/weak I am.

No matter how strong you are you will always need someone to help pick you up when you crumble, doesn’t matter how long that person (s) are in your life for as long as they are there when you need them. I don’t have many close friends, but the ones I’ve got are completely excellent and have had to pick me up once or twice this year.

Then there are those who I forgot about but they didn’t forget me and am glad they are back 🙂

2013 isn’t going to be easy and no doubt will have its ups and downs (hopefully more ups), but I do have a few requests for the powers that be.

  1. I don’t care if they are part of my life journey, I’d like no new facial lines.
  2. Ditto for the aching knees. There is a lot to be said about the ailments we inherit from our parents!
  3. Be able to be left unsupervised in the kitchen without creating a disaster.
  4. No snow, unless it is on the days I don’t have to drive to work.
  5. I’ve heard the phrase ‘you need to kiss a lot of frogs till you meet your prince’… yeah, I’m done with frogs, just send the damn prince already!
  6. Limit my grown up expenses such as car, bills so I could have some spare cash to buy the essentials such as shoes, handbags, makeup!

That’s about it really. I don’t ask for much, just tiny miracles 🙂

So to all the peep-a-roos, hears to an excellent 2013, come what may…:-D


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