Because…not all resumes are made equal…

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Just in case you ask…I have not joined a new age religion where I spend all day preying to the almighty resume as my mantra. There is meaning in the title, because not all resumes are made equal. Let me explain…

I have seen hundreds of resumes in my career and interviewed nearly as many people, and the biggest criticism I have of  resumes submitted by hopeful applicants is based on two significant points;

  1. The resume was not tailored to the individual or conventions of the industry/profession the candidate claimed to be an expert.
  2. It followed that the resume was not solutions orientated and did not project them as someone able to solve company problems.

So why is that so important you ask? I know how to do my job… isn’t that enough? You are providing a potential employer an introductory insight into you.  It’s your entry point and your resume should be viewed as a marketing…

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