So the year begins….

Not really sure how 2013 is going to pan out yet but a fair bit has already changed.

I’ve been to my first kickboxing class of 2013. I was partnered with someone the same height and a female! The class went well and I emerged less bruised than normal and have just about regained the use of arms. Though my tenants are keen to try out an exercise class and are going to try a different kickboxing class on Tuesday this week. One of the main reasons we are going to try out this class together is because the first lesson is free and would be a good taster session. I’ll still go to my usual class, if tenants want they can come and give that a go as well.

I’m working on ways to increase my stamina levels and calorie content, as by the end of the class I feel like throwing up. I have a small stature as is and tend not eat much which is not helping when it comes to high cardio intensity activities such as Kickboxing which burns off whatever I’ve eaten much quicker than if I was just working out in the gym. I have cut back a bit on the tea, OK I’ve managed 1 day so far with an increase in water and juices and started taking some vitamin supplements. Time will tell how long I stick to them, I can already hear the bag of crisps calling me! 😉

I got a health grill for Christmas so as to encourage me to cook meals for myself instead of copping out and having dinner at my parents. At 34 I suppose I should fend for myself more but when my parents live 10 minutes away it is tempting to stop in on my way home from work. 😉

I have moved seats at work so I am sitting with the rest of the IT department. It’s not that I don’t mind change, it just takes me some time to get used to it. I’m still near the air con vents but am not feeling the cold so much, where I was sitting before I would be bundled up in layers and looking like the Stay Puft Marshamallow Man! (GhostBusters!)300px-Stay-puft-marshmallow-man

My television died over the Christmas holidays, it couldn’t slip away in silence instead decided to make an odd piercing noise followed by smoke coming out of it. The television was very old, we are talking about the chunky, brick style TV’s, but it did the job.  Since then I have brought myself into the modern world of televisions and purchased a flat screen TV. A television is a television right? Wrong, hook them up to the internet, plug-in USB’s and away you go!

I’m still working on the cupcake ideas though have been a bit slack, OK lazy, with the baking and ordering packaging etc. I am going to be proactively getting my booty into gear and getting back on that cupcake wagon 🙂


3 thoughts on “So the year begins….

    • You’ve looked into it, any plans to try it out?
      I’ve heard of Krav Maga, though an interesting form of self defence think I’ll stick with kick boxing, I get bruised enough from that. 🙂


      • Not sure what’s going on with my Gravitar today…
        Not yet tried it. Without looking for excuses I have limited time at the moment and I’m trying to get some serious writing done.
        I will however investigate further. I’ll keep you updated. 🙂


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