New Year New Start!

The employment market is as unpredictable now as it was in 2102. That doesn’t mean you should wait for your dream job, it isn’t going to fall into your lap by magic. It’s time to take action and update your job search techniques.

  • Decide what type of job your strengths are best suited for.
  • Create a Resume tailored to this particular role, highlighting your strengths.
    Think about the type of jobs you are applying for. If your Resume is focusing on your IT knowledge and experience, and you apply for a finance role, the probability of your Resume being placed in the ‘yes’ pile, let alone you being called in for an interview, are small.
    A recruiter will decide in a matter of seconds if you are suitable for a position.
  • Network effectively.
    Connect with people you know. Take advantage of their contacts and engage with them.
    Follow up connections with an email, meet contacts face to face, attend networking events.
    You will hear more on the networking grapevine about who is hiring. Just because a company hasn’t externally advertised a position doesn’t always mean they are not hiring.
  • Clean up your online profiles.
    Does your LinkedIn picture reflect your level of professionalism?
    Does your Facebook contain one too many pictures of you ‘enjoying’ yourself on a night out?
    Then you know what to do. Something small as changing your profile picture can make all the difference.
    Utilize your online profiles to your advantage, link them to your website, blog, link to other social networks.
    Don’t let your online profile overshadow your suitability for a role.
  • Have a skills gap?
    Consider learning a qualification or taking a short course.
  • Be patient.
    Finding the right job will not happen overnight. Every improvement you make will benefit you in the long term. Start searching now.

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