What is wrong with people!

A while back I wrote a blog about the installation of a security camera. Yesterday evening the camera and image quality were tested by..yes a muppet with the fashion sense the missing member of the boy band East 17! (For those of us who remember them).

For whatever reason said muppet had decided to knock on my door at approximately 16.44pm, but decided to keep his head down, using his excessively enlarged baseball cap to hide his face. One knock on the door and then he walked away. Few minutes later the muppet returned, this time covering his face with a gloved hand and went about moving the security camera upwards before once again knocking on the front door for a longer period of time, eventually leaving when no one answered.

Afterwards  housemate #2 looked from her bedroom window (back of the house) but noticed it was quite busy with cars / people coming and going and texted me at work to see if I was expecting anyone, when she noticed the camera had been moved.

Once I was home, me and housemate  #2 went through the CCTV recording (bet the muppet didn’t know it did that!) and saw at least what the muppet was dressed like. I wasn’t expecting much response from the police but phoned them anyway to at least report the incident. As there was a clear CCTV image the operator arranged for someone to come round that evening and were able to see for themselves what the muppet looked like. Despite being unable to see his face the police were going to focus on the baseball cap ‘it’ was wearing that they thought was distinctive. Though my area is generally quiet, mostly consisting of families and elderly people, I hadn’t seen anyone in the neighborhood dressed like this.

The police have taken a copy of the CCTV image but have said even if they find out who this person is they won’t be able to charge him as apart from moving the security camera, he had not done anything criminally wrong. The muppet behaved suspiciously, made a point of hiding his face and nothing can be done. How secure do I feel?!? :-s

The security camera is back in its original position, other than turn my house into a fortress what else can I do?


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