Cupcakes and Snow!

I’m back on the cupcake train, and still enjoying it. This weekend I decided to experiment a bit and made chocolate cupcakes with Oreo biscuits. I used half an Oreo biscuit as the base of he cupcake,  some cakes also had a milk chocolate centre. To finish off the cakes, I drizzled some melted milk chocolate on top of the cakes.20130113_105938[1]

In case the Oreo biscuit experiment didn’t work out I also made some vanilla cupcakes.20130113_132525[1]

I’ve begun to take the whole making cupcakes on the side more seriously. I ordered some plastic cupcake pods and am waiting for them to arrive. In the mean time I’m trying to think of a business name.

I enjoy making cupcakes, at the moment I don’t see baking cupcakes generating enough profit to justify giving up full time employment..unless I marry into money and that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon!

Some of the names I came up with had already been taking, I may go with ‘Foz’s Cupcake’s’ or something to that effect if I can’t think of anything else.

As a result of the suspicious visitor to my house last week, who has been named ‘Big Ears‘, I have been thinking of ways to increase my home security  My brother bought me some timers for the lamps and I will purchase some anti climb security spike plastic strips for the back garden’s fence. Later on down the line, finances permitting I may have to look into investing in some kind of home alarm system.

This may all sound like I am going over the top, but I do not want to have to wait for someone to actually break the law, ie break into my home, before the police can attempt to find the people that have crossed that boundary and invaded my personal space!

Yesterday morning it was cold, -1 with some sleet, by the afternoon sleet had turned into giant flakes of snow, with expectations it will only get worse as the week progresses. Aren’t I a lucky bunny! 😦

It did snow overnight but not to the extent I was fearing!

Plus side to the snow is that it leaves footprints, just in case ‘Big Ears’ decided to pay another visit. 😉


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