Twisted car keys & a Snowy Sunday

Friday / Saturday

My Weekend started on Friday when it was sooo cold my petrol cap froze shut. Me not knowing my own strength twisted my key trying to open the thing, oh, and it was my only car key. After running around getting the key straightened enough to drive the car, then trying to straighten it a bit more so then the key was completly useless I called the RAC to come rescue me. After a bit of removing this panel and fudging the brain of the car, it was in a position where it could be driven.

My car was sorted out the following day by a locksmith who also fixed the buttons on my keys. Since I bought the car the buttons had not ever worked until now.

I didn’t know that my car had an alarm and pressing the key buttons to lock the car also set the alarm. I discovered this when I had locked the car using said buttons, unlocked the car using the key in the lock then…this almighty screeching noise was emitted from car! I was pressing all the buttons to turn the thing off!

I’ve still forgotten a few times and set the alarm off. 😦


Snow hit the UK this weekend. Some areas were hit on Friday, my part of the UK was hit on Sunday.  Nevertheless, myself and housemate #2 ventured out to the local supermarket, after I had swept some of the snow from my footpath and cleared the snow off my car.


The snow may look soft, slip on some ice and that snow is anything but as soft as the fluffy cloud you were expecting to break your fall. After a few years of having to drive to work though snow the novelty had worn off for me. Housemate #2 is from Martinique, this was the first time she had seen snow; despite the cold was enjoying it. After the supermarket trip housemate #2 stayed outside to throw snowballs at the house and build a snowman, whilst I made some triple chocolate muffin-cakes. I used a muffin recipe but didn’t have  any muffin cases so used the cupcake ones.

20130120_135613[1]Whilst the muffin – cakes were cooking HM#2 decided she had, had enough of the cold and came in.

This was ‘Berto’, 20130120_115934[1]in the short time he was with us he was admired by many, passerby’s took photo’s of him and he was a Twitter hit…then some muppet ended little ‘Berto’s’ existence! There were discussions of rewinding the CCTV to find the culprit and publicising their act of cowardice, but by then the cakes were done and we were more interested in watching ‘Sister Act’ on TV.

Though there were plenty of triple choc muffin-cakes, I wanted to try out some peppermint flavoured cakes. 20130120_191041[1]I decided to make a chocolate, peppermint buttercream icing instead of just peppermint. The icing  got a bit out of control, I should have let the it set in the fridge for a bit as it had become a bit soft, oh well nevermind, it tasted good 😀

My next cupcakes venture is going to be with limes!


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