Last nights car journey…

By now I thought I would have grown out of being motion sick, but no. Some journeys I’m completely fine, other journeys I’m definitely not good; pale, headache, dizzy, gurgly stomach etc.

I’m the one my siblings teases when we have to use the train as most likely I will be the one who becomes ill at some point of the journey.

Cars I’m ok..if I’m driving. Usually I’m not too bad in the passenger seat, but yesterday on the way to a friend’s there was an accident on the M25. The stop, start motion did nothing but aggravate my motion sickness.

On the way home I was fine! I would like to think that my travel sickness was due to me feeling unwell during the day and housemate #2 has the sickness bug germs so I may have caught them, though I think it was more likely down to the two chocolate mini brownies I had before my driving friend picked me up, I was hungry!

Unless I learn to fly a plane, drive a train and drive everywhere I am going to have to look into ways of improving my ability to travel. 😦

I haven’t tried motion sickness tablets, not sure if they work but they could be worth a try. Or maybe it is just my need to be in control causing the motion sickness..maybe I will need to learn to drive a train after all. 😉


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