Social Media releases

This was the week of new releases in the Social Media world.

Thursday, Twitter announced the launch of the standalone video sharing app, Vine. According to an article written by this app has already swung into 14th place in the league of popular free apps.

This video hosting site was purchased by Twitter and enables Twitter users to embed a 6 second continuous looping video into their tweets though it is not necessary to have a TwiOKtter account to use Vine. With only 6 seconds to play with the aim is for the videos to be creative and quirky. You can see examples of such videos on The Vine app is currently only available on iOS and from the App Store.

Not content with simply launching their Graph Search, this week Facebook announced the ‘global launch of a new conversion measurement and optimization system for direct response marketers. By adding a piece of code to their websites marketers will be able to track and measure conversions from their adverts. Should they choose to use Optimized CPM bidding Facebook will display ads to those who are likely to convert. This could become a useful tool for marketers to see how well their adverts are doing in terms of ROI and how this can be improved in future Facebook campaigns.


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