Why you should rest when ill!

Ill_SneezySmilieThis weekend gone I had hoped to get some baking in but it didn’t happen. As mentioned in ‘Last night’s car journey…’ housemate #2 had been unwell. Friday, after sharing my germs and letting everyone closer to me at work that they have my germs (that’s just the caring, sharing person I am) I dragged myself home and flaked out on the sofa then dragged myself to bed. I managed to make myself something to eat then crawled up to bed.

Saturday morning, I wasn’t great but in survival mode. Off I went to find out information about the various market stalls and prices and in the area. Found out some useful information and health wise, was still hanging in there.

Came home and mum decided she wanted to go and see my sister and nephews as the demonic angels were unwell. In the case of nephew #2 it was a mixture of teething and germs. My mum doesn’t drive further than the next town, so off we went.

To look at him nephew #1 wasn’t too bad, his recovery could have been down to the number of chocolates and biscuits he was eating! In all fairness he was also sharing them out with everyone. Nephew #2 was not doing so well, watery eyes, bunged up nose, all round Grinch mode.  CryingBabyAfter a while he did eat something and even managed to share a few smiles.

I should have gone home after visiting nephews and dropping mum off home but no, I had already arranged to go see my friend and I was still standing. It was good to see her and her kids as they had been ill for most of December.

Sunday, I was aching and bit tired. Did some essential food shopping with brother and then collapsed at parents. That evening I managed to drag myself home and collapsed into bed and fell asleep.

GermsSo far this week I’m not doing too badly. Talk about what goes around comes around, work colleague opposite me has germs; a mixture of mine and the ones he caught from home… see how the germs fare as the week goes on.


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