Will blogging become a dinosaur?


I know I should be more clued up with this social media lark, but there is so much out there, past, present and future that I seem to uncover something new all the time.

My latest discovery is whether blogging is being taken over by the black hole known as social media. Simply based on my own experience and usage of blogs I would say no. I like reading books, a reason why the Kindle though popular and in some cases handy device to have, for me it will not ever replace a good ‘old fashioned’ physical book, hardback or paperback I’m not fussy. My joy of reading encourages my imagination and interest in writing with a twist of ‘Foz’ thrown into the mix.

I was intrigued to discover the world of microblogging.  This involves the use of Twitter, Facebook status updates, Google+ etc where users say what they want to say a fewer amount of words. I came across this blog ‘Where Have All The Bloggers Gone?’.  Here the user compares writing a blog to a Twitter message and how they have gone from being an avid blogger to preferring to condense their blog into 140 characters via Twitter.  I believe that the likes of Twitter are beneficial for promoting and generating traffic to a blog, but not overly convinced it could replace or at best reduce the number of bloggers out there.

I am all for blogging, it generates a following that is specific to you and your blog, and encourages interaction between the blogger and its followers. Yet as we move deeper into the world of wanting everything yesterday will this also apply to blogs? To get information out there quicker and through an easily accessible, mobile platform will we gradually sway towards condensing an event that in its entirety deserves in depth attention and time, down to 140 characters? Will our need to take in as much information in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort inhibit our ability to sit back, read a well written article and think about what we have read before moving onto the next topic? This article ‘Why Blogging Is Dead – And What’s Next’ discusses the need to not only obtain information quickly and easily but be able to just as easily create meaningful content. The article discusses how people will slowly move towards completing tasks that were once completed using a PC/laptop will be carried out on a mobile and how this will impact the art of traditional blogging.

Blog_094People blog for a variety of reasons, place to vent their frustrations, brand themselves / company, share information on a topic of interest. Whilst many of us have something to say and are willing to publicly share our thoughts, blogging in itself is not likely to die out. Like with many other things blogging platforms will evolve to become more accessible to those on the go or with a short attention span. Social media updates do not constitute a ‘blog’, they will contain the barest of details due to character limitations without any real substance

I enjoy reading the written word but this is not to say that a blog couldn’t be an image. Bloggers are already blogging photographs; video’s, which are proving to be just as popular as a written blog. Last week Twitter announced the launch of the video sharing app Vine, enabling the social website to share a story through a 6 second video. The introduction of Vine does add another string to Twitter’s bow, a video, even a 6 second one can be a powerful tool to convey a message. Movies created through Vine are not solely for the use of Twitter, users can upload video’s onto their Vine accounts and share their creations.

It could be argued that blogging is a form of social media, status updates are written in the form of a blog. There are trolls willing to voice their scathing and at times offensive opinions, cybergedeon_dont_feed_trollswriters still have to be careful about the information in their articles and who may read them. Yet which are you more likely to read a gain, a Twitter update or a blog piece? Social media such as the likes of Twitter and Facebook have their place, trying to integrate them into every nook, corner and cranny reduces the uniqueness of a platform, in this case blogging, don’t you think?






2 thoughts on “Will blogging become a dinosaur?

  1. I agree with you that blogging can’t be going out any time soon if ever. Snippets given on status updates and twitter are nice but I certainly don’t feel like I’ve connected with someone until I read their blog. Blogs are up close and personal and I like that.


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