Family and the Fajita Master!

Friday evening was cinema night with Housemates. We had been trying to plan so all three of us could go out have dinner and go see the latest Quentin Tarantino film Django.

After  what we were told would be a 15 minutes wait that turned in 30 mins we finally got a table at Nandos. My eyes were bigger than my stomach. Afterwards I couldn’t breath, and could just about move but I finished that meal. I did fancy a hot chocolate but I can be a bit fussy with these drinks and so far the only hot chocolate I like are the ones from the coffee shop Costa.

We had already bought our cinema tickets so seating wasn’t a problem. The film itself was everything you would expect from Quentin Tarantino; blood, violence and then more blood and violence! The story line was good but there was a lot of focus on the blood & violence, some parts were quite graphic and I’m not ashamed to say I did close my eyes during the more brutal scenes.

Saturday I was up early, Sorted out some things with youngest brother, married sister phoned to see if I wanted to go see our other brother. My sister had an ulterior motive for going to visit our brother. Nephew #1 hair has grown a life and personality of it’s own-problem; nephew #1 is terrified of having his hair cut. Don’t know why but he refuses to get his hair cut by anyone. The plan was if he sees his uncle having his hair cut then maybe he would be encouraged to do the same.Everything was ok till it came to nephew #1 turn, the cheeky monster climbed into his pushchair and buckled himself in ready to leave the shop! Walking back to brothers flat we passed a few other hairdresser’s and I tried to cajole nephew #1  into having his hair cut, he clearly had given up saying ‘no’ and simply took to ignoring me! Sister may try the hairdresser I go to, though I’m not holding my breath she will be anymore successful. Sister dropped me off home were Housemate #2 was preparing to make fajita’s for us. (I’m spoiled by my housemates) I provided the meat, though not overly religious I try to stick to eating halal. The food turned out excellent! Hence HM #2 earning her name as the ‘Fajita Master’. 😀

20130202_220514[1]Dinner was followed by chocolate fudge cake..I felt like a oompa loompa after eating everything but it was so worth it!

Sunday, I treated myself, Dad had given me a gift voucher at Xmas so I bought a handbag! 20130203_173013[1]Then treated myself to some new clothes :-D. Normally I only get my eyebrows threaded, ladies who have to do this will understand, normally I’ll wax my upper lip at home. This time I also go it threaded…omg! I was pleased with the end result, I wasn’t cut either but still the pain..omg!

After my torture session the plan was to go home, paint my nails then go see a friend. Things didn’t work out like that. I was just about to return a missed call from my married sister when her husband phoned asking to try to get hold of my sister as he was at work. She had phoned him thinking someone had tried to break into the car as all the windows had been wound down. I managed to get hold of my sister who had phoned the police and they were there when I arrived at her house. My dad and her mother in law were also there. Long story short, there was no car break in. Whilst speaking to some of the neighbors  the police discovered there is a feature with the Vauxhall models, if you press the button on the car keys for a period of time the windows will automatically wind themselves down. My sister didn’t know about this feature.She can only think it happened when one of the kids were playing with the keys. Feeling a little bit embarrassed my sister was relieved to know that at least no one had attempted to break into the car, especially as it was parked on her drive. Plus note Nephew #2 took two more steps, bringing him up to 4. Being optimistic he could be walking by his 1st birthday which is in a few weeks. 🙂

February 2012 I skidded on black ice and crashed my car into a tree. CartoonCarCrashFortunately I wasn’t too far from work and I wasn’t hurt. Some guys from work had to pull my car out of the ditch  my car was stuck in. I had the essentials repaired. This week I have had to get the grill, bumper and a new license plate on my car sorted out, before the entire grill decides to separate itself from the rest of my car! Luckily a friend at work is able to give me a lift to and from work, so I will be chauffeur driven for a few days. 😀


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