It’s sooo cold!

As the week draws to an end it would seem we did not have the week-long heat wave I predicted in Temperamental Weather, though it does look like I wasn’t too far off the mini hurricane.

EarmuffsIn a little known village of Tiptree, famous for its jam, Tuesday evening it started sleeting. Throw gale force wind into the mix (I’m small so it felt like gale force winds to me),  it was not a party I wanted to be at. I didn’t even have my ear muffs!

I’ve always thought Tiptree to be part of the Twilight zoneTiptreejam. Upon leaving the area and joining the A12, the sleet became more a torrent of rain. It didn’t help that I was / am harbouring germs which are currently fighting to take over my body, I’m retaliating with Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. So I was cold and ill, can’t say I was a happy bunny.

Plus side, I got my car back from the garage – woo hoo! I no longer have to worry about various parts of my car falling off whilst driving. I think I will treat her by taking her to the car wash…if the rain stops, at the moment the bumper is the cleanest part of the car!  Yes my car is a ‘her’, if I’m not nice to her, like the weather she too can be temperamental.

Oh well, not long to go till the weekend, I’ll ply myself with plenty of medicine to get through the working days, with an attitude that sort of resembles politeness plus the obligatory fake smile, all depending on how much energy I have.


4 thoughts on “It’s sooo cold!

  1. tuck yourself up in bed with electric blanket, hot toddy (whisky + hot water + sugar + dash of lemon juice), and chocolate and you’ll be right as rain in no time ! 😆


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