So what type of desk do you have?

computer-workerOn average a worker will spend 8 hours a day in the office, gradually moulding their personal work space to suit them, maybe your desk is covered with lots of pieces of paper or have personal photographs displayed or a favourite mug. A colleague’s mug had a swear word in bold letters written on it. Not suitable to everyone’s taste or an office environment. Howeverthe mug did reflect that person’s extrovert personality, the controversial mug enticing others to notice it and striking up a conversation surrounding the mug.

Some workplaces have a dress code in place, others are not so rigid with what their employees can/ cannot wear, yet there is an underlying rule as to what appropriate and what isn’t in accordance to your company’s culture. Does this type of attitude extend to your work space?

You wouldn’t come to work wearing a t-shirt that had an offensive slogan written on it, so why would you have something of a similar nature on your desk?

Leading to the question, what is acceptable to have on your desk and how does this reflect on you?

  1. Photographs are commonly found on desks, whether they are of family, friends, pets etc. Be selective in the number and type of photos you choose to display.
  2. Debatable views; topics of a controversial nature (political, religious etc). Whatever your personal views may be, voicing them openly can have the potential to create tension.Warning_old_cheese
  3. Over powering scents. This can apply to food, room diffusers, perfume, cologne etc.
  4. How your desk is organised can reflect your personality.
    • Business-like, organised desk
      • Few personal touches
      • Good at their job
      • Little patience
    • Organised-chaos deskOrganisedFiles

      • Efficient
      • Hardworking
      • Overworked
    • Creative-chaos desk

      • Lively creative mind
      • Focuses on work
    • Personality-extension desk
      • Lots of personal touches
      • Hardworking
      • Highlight their individuality
    • Show desktop
      • Private person
    • Trophy deskTrophy
      • Have things on their desk that show how they are doing professionally and socially.
      • Friendly
      • Ambitious
  5. Clean up your desk. Don’t leave dirty mugs and leftover food around ready to morph into a new life form! It’s unhygienic and creates an unpleasant environment for those seated closest to you.

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