Wind knocked out of me!

Thursday evening was met with nephews being at my parent’s house then off to kickboxing. pink-kickboxer-md

Nephew #2, I think his first word is going to me ‘no’. Usually when I am having a quick bite before going off to kickboxing he is eyeing up my food, on the odd occasion if it’s not too spicy having a taste. papapishu_Baby_boy_sittingLast night I was saying to him no and shaking my head. The cheeky monster then started laughing, shaking his head and saying something that resembled the word ‘no’, sister said this is his new this thing. Seems to be the month of this little demon child learning new things, his on the move a lot quicker now he walks, learning to say ‘no’, I wonder what else he will learn before his 1st birthday in a few time.

Off to kickboxing. I missed the previous week as I wasn’t feeling well, didn’t think nausea and kickboxing worked well together.

I’m not really a social person but am trying to be a more talkative to others but on the whole I’m quiet.  This week was a mixture of learning techniques then moving around changing partners for sparring. All was going well till the second to last sparring partner. I was paired with a brown belt; the higher belts always try and encourage you in sparring to build your confidence and power. We’d been learning blocking punching and kicking moves, trying to read your partner so you can block the moves in time. Alvin-and-the-chipmunks-and-there-girlfriends-alvin-and-the-chipmunks-6427329-374-361The brown belt was encouraging me to move in closer so my punches and kicks connected with him and his head. All was going well till punched me in the in the space between the ribs winding me. It’s not an experience I’d ever felt before, my voice reached chipmunk pitched levels as I tried to breath and speak to relay that I was alive and not mortally wounded. Once ready to go again, I’m not sure if the brown belt let me have the last few punches of whether I am improving but I definitely got some good connecting moves in.

I now have to get my license sorted out and if I want to go for my belt I’m going to have to start going to classes more regularly. Though I’m improving I’m not yet confident to go for the next grading, it’s also the money side of it all.

I’m going to get some more sparring equipment this weekend. Problem is I bruise like a peach, the protective gear will soften the blows but it can’t perform miracles!

Today I’m bruised up but not as battered I usually am. Hopefully I will get my booty into gear and go my often but who knows with me, one week in, one week out 😉IMG-20120923-00116[1]

This weekend I’m going to have a trial run making a birthday cake for nephew #2. I’m going to try and make a cake in the shape of a number one, not done anything like it before hence the trial run. Fingers crossed it is not a complete disaster! :-s


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