20130217_161654[1]Busy bee this weekend!

As I mentioned in my post ‘Wind knocked out of me!’, I made the trial run birthday cake in the shape of the number one. It turned out better than I had expected, especially since the last cake I made was burnt!

This time I took my time and made the cake at my house so there weren’t any parents to drive me round the bend!  As it was a practice run I made a slightly smaller cake. I made a stencil, I didn’t have a ruler so improvised with my debit card. Seemed to work just fine. 😉 20130216_161705[1]

I had started my baking late in the day so decided to cook and shape the cake on the Saturday and decorate it on the Sunday.  Whilst the cake was cooling, I made some lime flavoured cupcakes.20130216_202735[1]  Whilst the cupcakes were cooking and the cake was cooling I had a go at making my own fondant icing. Lets just say it was not a rip-roaring success and leave it at that.
Fortunately I had a back up with shop bought fondant. 20130216_191921[1]After a bit of practice using the lettering stencil managed to produce some not so bad looking letters to spell out nephew #2’s name. The trick was to let the fondant icing dry a bit so it wouldn’t stick to the stencil and come out easily.

Lime cakes cooked and cooling. Time to cut the birthday cake, I surprised myself!

Sunday up early to decorate the cake. I started at 9am,
Surviving on tea, bit of DIY patchwork cake repair I was finished at about 12pm. 20130217_104458[1]My dining table looked like a crime scene, I had a minor accident with the icing gun,20130217_104441[1] I had added more icing forgetting there was already icing in the nozzle bit and pressed the plunger button..oopppss.

All were impressed with the outcome, my youngest sister had the cheek to say ‘Seeing the last cake you made I had no expectations and was surprised the cake turned out looking as well as it did!’.

Then it was off to lunch with youngest brother who is going to help me with the birthday cake and cupcakes for the party on Sunday.

Following lunch with brother, a cup of tea, a Karate Kid film (The one with the bonsai tree) and painting nails it was off to bowling with housemate #2 and her friend. Housemate #2 hadn’t been bowling before, she was completely pants but enjoyed every minute of it whilst she danced her way to the aisle to swing her bowling ball and watch it roll into the gutter then dance her way back to her seat. 😉

If you want Indian or Chinese take away at 8pm on a Sunday night, no problems. But fish and chips, no chance. At least not in my neck of the woods! Housemate #2’s friend had not ever tried fish and chips before (She is also from Martinique), so we were intent on finding someplace that would serve up this delicacy. Alas, dejected and defeated we came home. There we found a takeway menu that lo and behold served fish and chips! We ordered, we ate, we were stuffed!  Concluding my exhausting, busy cakealicious weekend. 😀


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