Short and Sweet

I made it two weeks in a row to kickboxing, woo hoo!

I had a bit of a sore throat was a bit achy but thought I would just sweat it out. How was I to know we were also going to be doing body conditioning as well as pad work. Btw, I’ve managed to wreck another pair of focus mitts, they were somewhat old but were in decent condition. Looks like I will have to invest in a new pair.

PetrolEmptyBy the time it came round to the sparring section I was in reserve energy, think the red section on the petrol gauge of your vehicle when it starts beeping to fill her up – that was me. Needless to say all forms of guard, fighting she-bear spirit was not there hence being hit a few times. My guard was not where it should have teabeen…protecting my face!

This morning I woke up all bunged up, sore throat with watery eyes (no black eyes thankfully!), I’m hoping the germs will subside by lunch time as aside from being at work I have a busy weekend ahead and can’t handle this being ill and sporting the zombie look.

I’m on the honey, lemon and ginger drink but today caffeine is my best friend 🙂

Did I mention it’s trying to snow..again! UK weathers mood swings are becoming a pain in the booty!


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